All the light we cannot see

Days can be dull,living in subdued light
Or, the light could be bright.
It is all in the mind.
The stars at night help when they shine.
A natural incandescence.
Designed to help us on our way,
and not stumble through life blind.

process of elimination

The flowers are there to be found
beauty is not an illusion.
Amongst the debris and the ashes of elimination
is a world with a deserved conclusion.
The path taken is one of choice, best pursued
with a true and honest voice.
A voice that can be heard by the ones you love.

Alone in my thoughts

Alone in my thoughts, a strange loneliness has taken over
Shadows move-not gently
Fear and acceptance is a partner to the shadows.

You and Me

You and me

When you come back to me

the person I knew.

When you come back to me

i will try to become

once more.

The person you knew.



Words for me, work, Side by side

In a pattern

Words for me work

A painting by Klee, or a glittered Klimt

Words thrown in the air

Gently floating down, simply where they fall

A picture

A formulation

Implied, Imagined

Simplicity works

It is in the eye

For me, for you, and for another

Protected and protracted

Sentences set, placed purposefully

On a blank page

Best to imply, to suggest, let them all make their own mind up

To see

Or not to see

Or play blind, a formulation of the mind.

Words with meaning

On a pure white canvas




Where has love gone?


They shall remain nameless, the ones, the ones that have no time

For others

Not even them!

Where is the love? The gratification

Nameless and faceless; two names and two faces

A most usual equation…



It is with a certain amount of fear and trepidation that one embarks on certain


When to speak or when to hold one’s tongue, in a metaphorical sense of usage.

When to embark on some rather senseless diatribe,

or when to disembark.

Mental shrinkage is not such a good idea

far too harmful .


Shouting from the rooftop is a good idea,

it is possible that one would be heard,

but, by whom.


Mental cringing is not such a good idea

Rather cowardly.





When do the lies stop? Where is the truth?

Moral cowardice prevails

Not in my life


Feet together standing tall

Not bending with the wind

Self belief beyond doubt

Who needs the strife?

I don’t.


From the other side – Collection – John Higgins

Us together


What a farce this age lark is!!

Questions to my spouse, and equally in reverse order

Should we? Or shall we?

Maybe or maybe not

Will it be safe?

Possibly not

Or, will you go first

Maybe we should wait

Will we take the dog?

Or, maybe we shouldn’t

Should we leave the dog outside or inside?

What do you think?

Are we going to bed too early?

What do you think?

Mind you, they say sleep is essential to our health

But, on the other hand

Too much is not good for you either

What do you think?

Don’t put too much butter on the bread

It’s not good for you

Better to eat smaller portions of food

Now that we are older

What do you think?

How much wood should we put on the fire?

Now the weather is much colder

Mind you, it’s best to keep warm, now that we are older

What do you think?


Entre Nous – Collection – John Higgins




Another day another way, wistfully set adrift, floating on a dream.


Best to be attentive, and deeply care


But where has the day gone? Where once upon another day, time lazed and drifted


in a state of comatose indifference.


And yet, on another day the hours, minutes, and seconds flew in rapid succession


More reason for thoughts to share,


Indifference, a near relative to ignorance a cousin of ignominy


has to be shifted In order to care.


Time is to be sifted, a separation of thought and deed, in order to sow the seed.

                                                               And grasp the day.


John Higgins—–From the collection—The Other Side.